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hs 855HD


A wide range of attachments means that the range of use of the Liebherr HS 855HD duty-cycle crawler crane is almost unlimited; these include grabbers, drag buckets, diaphragm wall grabbers and pipe laying machines, as well as demolition and dynamic ground compaction. Slurry wall and clamshell operations are also a specialty for this machine.

Technical Data

Rated lifting capacity

115 U.S. Tons

Engine output

450 kW/612 HP (ISO 9249)

Max. winch line pull 1. layer

35,300/44,100/55,100 lbs

Max. main boom

203 ft

95 ft

Max. boom length with clamshell

Max. boom length with dragline

95 ft

0.8 mph

Travel speed

Operating weight 

186,000 lbs


If you have any questions of sales staff, led by veteran sales manager and Daily operations manager, Joseph Sadden will be happy to assist.

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