Offering boom lengths and luffing jib capacities that rival the next larger class of crawler crane, this 150-tonner offers a high level of mobility and excellent performance characteristics, as well as a compact footprint suitable to congested jobsites. Possible applications range from common lifting and assembly tasks to more simple clamshell and dragline applications.

Technical Data

Max. lifting capacity

302,500 lbs at 11.6 ft 

Main boom, light/heavy

304 ft / 262 ft

Luffing Jib 

258 ft

Fixed jib

105 ft

412 ft

Max. combination

Engine output

362 HP

38,600 lbs

Max. winch line pull 1. layer

Travel Speed

1.3 mph

111,300 lbs / 33,100 lbs

Superstructure-/central ballast


If you have any questions of sales staff, led by veteran sales manager, Joseph Sadden and Daily operations manager, Brad Gordon will be happy to assist.

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