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LR1300 SX


Simply put, this 330-tonner is the benchmark for which all other cranes in its class are judged. With capacities that rival 400-ton cranes and enormous boom and jib lengths that can be erected without the use of supplemental equipment, the LR 1300SX has easily become the best-selling crane of its size in the United States.

Technical Data

Max. lifting capacity

660,000 lbs at 14.7 ft 

Main boom, light/heavy

393 ft / 321 ft

Luffing Jib 

370 ft

Fixed jib

115 ft

564 ft

Max. combination

Engine output

612 HP

48,400 lbf

Max. winch line pull 1. layer

Travel Speed

0.84 mph

272,000 lbs / 124,000 lbs

Superstructure-/central ballast

Derrick ballast

264,000 lbs


If you have any questions of sales staff, led by veteran sales manager and Daily operations manager, Joseph Sadden will be happy to assist.

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