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LR 1400/2


The crawler crane LR 1400/2 set the bar for this size crane when it was first introduced, and it has gone on to become the best selling machine in its class. It distinguishes itself due to its multi-functional boom system, quick and easy assembly and cost effective transport of components.  Like its little sister, the LR 1350/1, this 440-ton crane is able to erect exceedingly long boom and jib lengths without the need for special attachments. For example, with no derrick, erection of 344 feet of main boom or 506 feet of main boom and jib is still possible. This crane's versatility is further expanded through the availability of a third load line.

Technical Data

Rated lifting capacity

440 U.S. Tons

Max. load moment

5,248 tm

Main boom

69 ft - 390 ft

Lattice jib

92 ft - 299 ft

92 ft

Derrick mast

Superstructure-/central ballast

341,800 lbs/94,800 lbs

573,000 lbs

Derrick ballast

Engine output

408 h.p

0 - 1.05 mph

Travel Speed

Total counterweight

943, 600 lbs


If you have any questions of sales staff, led by veteran sales manager and Daily operations manager, Joseph Sadden will be happy to assist.

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