LTC 1050-3.1

The LTC 1050-3.1 provides the excellent travel characteristics of traditional all-terrain cranes, but with an ultra-compact design that makes this 50-tonner ideally suited for operations in very confined spaces, such as working in industrial production halls or in dense urban environments

Technical Data

Rated lifting capacity

50 U.S. Tons

Telescopic Boom

26.9 ft - 118 ft

Lattice Jib 

4.9 ft - 42.6 ft

Carrier engine/output

Liebherr, 8 cylinder, turbo-Diesel, 500 kW

Diesel, 6-cylinder turbo-Diesel, 260 kW

Crane engine/output


6 x 6 x 6

50 mph 

Travel Speed

Total counterweight

1433 lbs


If you have any questions of sales staff, led by veteran sales manager, Joseph Sadden and Daily operations manager, Brad Gordon will be happy to assist.

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