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LTR 1220


The LTR 1220 far exceeds the telescopic crawler cranes offered by the competition with regard to capacity and boom length. The crawler chassis offers extraordinary off-road mobility and fast set-up times when compared to a mobile crane, which must be supported on outriggers.  In addition, this 265-ton machine can telescope high loads with the boom, something that is impossible with a standard lattice boom crawler crane. Other outstanding features are the ability to walk with full load and operate up to 4 degrees out of level. The telescopic crawler crane is ideally suited for work as an auxiliary crane during the erection of windmills, as its maneuverability makes it an ideal tool for assembly and disassembly of the main crane or handling of generator components. The LTR 1220 also offers great advantages for long term job sites in the energy sector or for infrastructure projects.

Technical Data

Rated lifting capacity

265 U.S. Tons

Main boom

44 ft - 197 ft

Lattice jib 

40 ft - 72 ft

Superstructure- / central ballast

154,300 lbs / 44,100 lbs

312 h.p

Engine output

Travel Speed

0 - 1.55 mph


If you have any questions of sales staff, led by veteran sales manager and Daily operations manager, Joseph Sadden will be happy to assist.

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